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Made here. Sold here. Sustainable

Hawick is of course also famous for its ‘Green Machine’ rugby team and for producing, and continuing to produce, some of the finest rugby players in the world today. But away from the rugby pitch, the Famously Hawick team continue to play their own part in making the town famous, and in this, their latest chapter, for also being Famously Green!


Living more sustainable lives and making greener choices has never been more important. And we are delighted to share the long held green credentials which are at the very heart of these five Famously Hawick producers. From their use of natural and ethically sourced fibres and commitment to recycling and renewables to local barley to bottle spirits. Famously Hawick have sustainability and community at their core.

Our Famously Green credentials ...


Nick Bannerman, Johnstons of Elgin

Our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of our brand’s values. We have worked with natural, renewable, biodegradable fibres since 1797 and strive to reduce our environmental footprint year after year.

The single greatest commitment we can all make is to buy less and buy better.


Matthew Thomson, Hawico

A family business crafting luxury cashmere garments of uncompromised quality, Hawico use only the very finest cashmere yarns, harvested in an ecologically sustainably manner without harm to the cashmere goats who provide this amazing material.

Always made in our factory in Hawick, Scotland.


John Fordyce, The Borders Distillery

The Borders Distillery was built into an old building with sustainability as the driver of the design. We continue to strive to improve with a focus on zero waste and the circular economy.

We use locally grown Scottish Borders barley, all harvested from 11 farms lying within 30 miles of Hawick and water from a borehole on site.


James Fleming, Lovat Mill

As the ‘Home of Tweed’, Lovat Mill is proud to continue this legacy with sustainability at its core.

At the heart of what we make is wool, considered one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly natural fibres. In essence the production of wool is a beautifully simple process whereby sheep turn the grass into wool, the wool is harvested, then the wool grows back.


David Nuttall, William Lockie

We use all-natural fibres and there are no chemicals or harmful substances in our dyes. We wind sweaters back into yarn to reknit them if they are unused and no chemicals are used in the washing process, just soft Scottish water from the local rivers which is recycled and reused.

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