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Famously Green

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Made here. Sold here. Sustainable

Hawick is of course also famous for its ‘Green Machine’ rugby team and for producing, and continuing to produce, some of the finest rugby players in the world today. But away from the rugby pitch, the Famously Hawick team continue to play their own part in making the town famous, and in this, their latest chapter, for also being Famously Green!

Living more sustainable lives and making greener choices has never been more important. And in this series of articles, we are delighted to share the long held green credentials which are at the very heart of our five Famously Hawick producers.

The single greatest commitment we can all make to sustainability is to buy less and buy better.

Buy less. Buy better.

Johnstons of Elgin is one of three founding members of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance.

Ethically sourced wool.

Our high-quality natural fibres are inherently long-lasting.

We can mend your knitted garments and return them to you like new.

As Scotland's only vertical mill, we have a unique opportunity to address the use of carbon in every stage of our process.

All of the electricity used at our manufacturing sites is purchased from renewable sources.

99.88% of the fibres we use in our product range is natural.

Wool and cashmere need to be washed less frequently than synthetic fibres, and they can be laundered at lower temperatures.

From barley through to bottle.

Single Malt Scotch Whisky is produced from only 3 natural ingredients: Malted Barley, water, and yeast.

Locally grown Scottish Borders barley, all harvested from 11 farms lying within 30 miles of Hawick.

Zero waste distillery.

The organic by-product goes back to the barley fields – making for a circular economy within Borders farming with the distillery at its centre.

The River Teviot offers a sustainable source of fast-flowing water.

Homegrown Gin.

Today’s rain. Tomorrow’s whisky.

Always made in our factory in Hawick, Scotland.

Luxury ideals such as quality, durability and craftsmanship overlap with sustainable ideas of ethical sourcing, long use and local production.

Factory Redress & Repair Service to help your cashmere look fresh and new.

Producing timeless and long-lasting garments.

Sheep turn the grass into wool, the wool is harvested, then the wool grows back.

Wool is nature’s most versatile fibre. No other material, natural or man-made can match it.

The natural qualities of wool mean that it is renewable, biodegradable and recyclable.

Wool is simply the ultimate natural performance fibre.

A “dry” production facility with absolutely no adverse impact on the local natural environment.

Lovat Mill recycles 100% of its wool waste.

Skilled workers from the same local families who’ve been employed for generations.

We use all-natural fibres and there are no chemicals or harmful substances in our dyes.

We wind sweaters back into yarn to reknit them if they are unused.

No chemicals are used in the washing process, just soft Scottish water from the local rivers which is recycled and reused.

Our camelhair is 100% natural and undyed which is why it is available in only one colour.

Only natural fibres.

We source 100% pure fibres for our knitwear.

From their use of natural and ethically sourced fibres and commitment to recycling and renewables to local barley to bottle spirits. Famously Hawick have sustainability and community at their core.

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