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Here’s why you should do your Christmas shopping in Hawick

Don’t miss this excellent article written by Becky Hardy that was published in High Life North.

Visit Hawick and discover for yourself what fashion houses, international designers and thousands of visitors have known for more than a century – that this Scottish town is home to some of the highest quality gifts in the world.

From luxury cashmere and knitwear to the ‘Home of Tweed’ and the first whisky distillery to open in the Scottish Borders since 1837, Hawick hosts a special collection of weavers, knitters and distillers between its four iconic bridges. Put simply, you won’t find such a wide range of premium Scottish products all made in the same town anywhere else.

Which is all pretty handy, really, as we approach the festive season. With the combined power of Famously Hawick – where five neighbouring businesses in the town have joined forces to provide the ultimate visitor experience – Christmas shopping returns to being a relaxed, enjoyable experience. And, perhaps even more importantly, a satisfying one.

Because in this Scottish town, you’re guaranteed to find just what you’re looking for. And, better yet, you can experience the full story of its creation – from its history here in Hawick to how it’s been handcrafted today. Christmas shopping in Hawick gives you an unrivalled opportunity to really connect to your gifts and make that certain someone feel even more special.

So, what’s here? ……………………

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