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Introducing the Tweed Valley Blogger

Fiona Mackinnon, Tourism Manager, recently introduced Stewart Wilson from Tweed Valley Blogger and TVB Tours to the five premium producers of Famously Hawick. This exciting new business offers private fully guided tours to their discerning client base, with the Borderlands of southern Scotland and Northern England their speciality.

“A really memorable morning finding out more about @famouslyhawick and meeting representatives of the five producers that make up this exciting venture. The premise is simple - the town of Hawick produces world class garments in cashmere, knitwear and tweed, as well as the stunning Borders Distillery, producing the first single malt in the region for almost 200 years. Famously Hawick’s aim is to promote the businesses and bring visitors to the town. I was very impressed, not only by the quality on show but also the fact that everyone I met was a Teri (Hawick resident). There’s a level of pride evident in all these businesses, and significant local skill in manufacturing. It also hits home that this isn’t just a heritage project, or museum - the mills weren’t producing today as it’s the trades fortnight (summer holidays). This is a living, breathing industrial town. One of the things I’m passionate about for TVB Tours is showcasing the Best of The Borders and I definitely saw it today. Anyone visiting Hawick with TVB Tours will love this experience - and, unlike me today, they’ll have a lift so can get stuck into some of the whisky at the distillery! Huge thanks to the wonderful Fiona at Famously Hawick and all the staff I met at Johnston’s of Elgin, Hawico, William Lockie, Lovat Mill and The Borders Distillery. Look forward to seeing you all again soon.”

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Neee to pay them a visit next time I’m over there.

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