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Luxury and sustainability

Updated: Apr 4, 2022


There is no other material quite like it. Hawico use only the very finest cashmere yarns, harvested in an ecologically sustainably manner without harm to the cashmere goats who provide this amazing material.

A family business crafting luxury cashmere garments of uncompromised quality, drawing on over a century of traditional skills whilst embracing the improved techniques offered by technological advancement. Always made in their factory in Hawick, Scotland.

Hawico understand that little changes can be made every day to be more sustainable, but that doesn’t mean luxury needs to end. Hawico cashmere provides the luxury, quality, style and warmth while also doing their part to offer sustainably sourced and produced cashmere.

Luxury and sustainability

Hawico believe that luxury means using the finest quality goods and craftsmanship, produced in an ethical way and continuously looking for new ways to improve while still providing the finest luxury cashmere.

Luxury ideals such as quality, durability and craftsmanship overlap with sustainable ideas of ethical sourcing, long use and local production. At Hawico, the quality and luxury of their cashmere comes from sourcing yarn from the finest Scottish spinners, producing timeless and long-lasting garments and crafting goods in their mill since 1874.

But what makes something sustainable? Hawico believes that sustainability is more than just a popular buzzword. The company are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint, especially as it relates to the cashmere products themselves. From sourcing to production to end of lifecycle, the company are working to minimize their environmental impact. Exploring the product lifecycle, there are 4 areas where Hawico are working to create luxury goods while also being conscious of the environmental impact.


The integrity of their supply chain is of the utmost importance and the company make considerable efforts to ensure that it works to the highest standards. Although they only purchase spun yarn, Hawico take the sourcing of all the natural fibres that they use very seriously. Most of the cashmere fibre from suppliers comes from Inner Mongolia, where the farmers are provided land free of charge, and are given subsidies for house building. This infrastructure also provides children with access to education in their local communities. The farmers take responsibility for care of the pastures and are limited to the number of goats they can keep. These goats are well cared for and not killed for their hair.


When knitting in their factory in Hawick, the team realise how precious cashmere is and work to waste as little as possible. Using whole garment knitting machines, they are able to knit many garments in one whole piece. This helps to ensure consistency, reduces sampling needed, and minimizes excess cashmere. If for any reason a garment is not perfect, they are able to unwind thread and reuse it.

Factory Redress & Repair Services

Cashmere goods are made from natural fibres. When taken care of properly, they can last decades. Sometimes though, time and other natural elements can wear down and damage cashmere. Hawico’s Factory Redress & Repair Service can help cashmere to look fresh and new.

Service includes:

• Professional washing in the mill

• Pressing to its original shape

• Checking for any natural pilling

• ‘Invisibly’ repairing any small holes

• ‘Invisibly’ repairing moth holes

Post Wearing

After a life of love and wear, there eventually comes a time where cashmere garments have reached the end of their cycle. We can take comfort though, in the fact that cashmere is a natural fibre. This means that instead of sitting in a landfill, cashmere will naturally break down and go back into the earth.

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