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Private whisky cask at The Borders Distillery

Do you know that you can have your very own private whisky cask, distilled and matured in the Scottish Borders?

The directors at The Borders Distillery have released 1,837 whisky casks for private sale at a price of £2,400 per cask. Filled on a date of the owner’s choosing, in a cask type selected from a range of options, each individually numbered cask is stored under bond and bottled when the owner wishes.

If there is a particular date on which you would like to fill your whisky cask? Perhaps you want to mark a special occasion – a birthday or anniversary? Let The Borders Distillery know, with as much notice as possible.


Once filled, your cask will be warehoused by The Borders Distillery. The first ten years of warehousing and insurance are included in the purchase price. The team recommend bottling after at least 10 years of maturation, although you may choose to leave your cask of whisky to mature for longer.


You can choose to fill your whisky into one of their different cask types, all carefully selected by the whisky-makers to complement the fresh orchard fruits character of their New Make Spirit. Your  chosen cask will be filled with New Make Spirit at 63.5% alcohol by volume. Exact capacity varies by cask, but they will always seek to fill to the cask’s full potential – typically 190-200 litres.

Each year on the filling anniversary, the team will assess the progress of your cask. Within the exclusive app, you’ll see a proprietary spidergram developed by The Borders Distillery. As the spirit matures into whisky you’ll be able to follow it through its maturation journey by scrubbing through the spidergrams. After three years you’ll be able assess the whiskies within the 1837 community.

When, and if, you choose to bottle your cask, you will have the option to pick your whisky strength. Whiskies come out of their casks at varying strengths depending on age of the liquid and the relationship the spirit has with the wood.

Bottling can be at any strength from 40% alcohol by volume, up to cask strength, which after 8 years we would expect to be between 53% and 60% ABV. The distillery will help you with whatever strength you choose to bottle at, providing support and advice if needed.

The Borders Distillery offers 5 different signature cask types. To find out more about which type of whisky cask is right for you, call the team on 01450 374330 and a member of the team will be happy to chat to you!

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