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Lovat in Lavender

Updated: Apr 8

Lovat Mill have just unveiled their unique lavender scented 100% lambswool throws.

Woven exclusively at their mill in Hawick, Lovat are renowned for their luxurious home accessories. But ‘The Home of Tweed’ have now created a Lovat Mill throw with a unique and very special twist. Already packed full of colour, they have added a little something extra to this new range of throws.


Woven using 2-ply luxurious lambswool yarn and spun using the centuries old colour mixtures that Lovat Mill’s Tweeds are famous for. These 100% luxurious lambswool throws come alive with the scent of lavender with use of the throw, going beyond the sense of touch and gorgeous nature inspired colours.


These unique Lavender Scented 100% lambswool throw are available in:



Wild cherry



Cherry Plum






In creating the extra warmth in the finishing process, they have also added a micro encapsulated lavender scent. This is washed within the fibres of the wool. The scent actually lies dormant until movement initiates a burst of fresh scent every time you snuggle up.


Where the luxurious touch of the lambswool appeals to one sense, these throws reach out to another.


Drop in to Lovat Mill on Commercial Road to discover the full range of woven throws and blankets as well as accessories, Tweed by the metre and home furnishings.

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