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Caring for Cashmere from Hawico

Do you know that Hawico offer a Factory Redress and Repair Service?

The ability to bring clothes back to life is the epitome of sustainability. You can send your Hawico garments to their factory for some very special treatment. Cashmere goods are made from natural fibres and when taken care of properly, they can last decades. Sometimes though, time and other natural elements can wear down and damage cashmere. Hawico’s Factory Redress and Repair Service can help your cashmere look fresh and new.



·       Professional washing in our mill

·       Pressing to its original shape

·       Checking for any natural pilling

·       ‘Invisibly’ repairing any small holes

·       ‘Invisibly’ repairing moth holes


Are you wondering how to care for your beautiful cashmere items?


Do not machine wash and do not dry clean and follow our cashmere care guide below.


It is important to look after your cashmere items, as if washed properly they will improve with age and last much longer.

  • For cashmere and cashmere silk garments, hand wash in cold water (up to 30 degrees Celsius or 85 degrees Fahrenheit) with a mild detergent, such as a cashmere shampoo.

  • Do not rub the garment together when washing as this can alter the texture. Rinse the garment well in clean water and gently squeeze out, without stretching.

  • Dry the garment flat and place in it’s normal shape. Place the damp garment flat on a clean towel, roll the towel up and squeeze out any excess water. Avoid twisting and wringing dry as this can alter the shape of your garment. Then lay flat in it’s shape on a clean new towel away from direct sunlight or heat.

  • When storing, do not put your cashmere garments away unclean, as this will attract moths. They are drawn to the bacteria, and unclean cashmere garments provide the ideal environment.

  • Make sure your cashmere is folded away, as hanging can cause the garments to stretch, however make sure you do not pack too many away together. Lavender and cedar balls can deter moths. Make sure you regularly ‘air’ your cashmere items.

  • Cashmere garments can be lightly pressed with a cool iron or steamed to remove any creases.

  • A sweater comb can be used to remove any pilling which may have happened. This is best to do before washing.

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